RE: Photography

a collection of photographs regarding, concerning, about or around photography.

Re: Photography is a group exhibition featuring the thesis work of Alex Eckard, Leon Jones and Max Wagner. The exhibition consists of a diverse range of photographs that, in some way, speak to the medium of photography. The work varies from landscape to conceptual to the abstract and brings together three bodies of work that independently explore aspects of the medium in which they were created.

Alex Eckard is a photographer working and living in the Kansas City area. His process involves shooting a DSLR through a large format view camera, providing views that are typically reserved for the photographer. With an emphasis on architecture, the images are the result of a series of explorations in and across Missouri. The quiet views are Alex’s way of showing what he has seen; the way he has seen it.

Leon Jones is a visual based artist using photography to ask visual questions. His work is an outlet for an incessant search for understanding about life, people and nature – and their relationship to one another. Leon’s current work seeks to provide reckoning through familiarity and personal connection. He states, “This is not fully representative of who I am, but more of an excerpt from my recent thoughts; a by product of understanding and awareness.”

Max Wagner uses photographic and technology based imaging processes to create work that has been described as thought provoking, multi-layered, and sensuous. His recent work focuses on direct experience, deep looking and emergent meanings within photographs.

Alex Eckard, Leon Jones and Max Wagner will graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography from Kansas City Art Institute in the spring of 2013.

There will be an artist talk the following day on May 4th from 1-3pm, and the work will be up from the 3rd-10th.

Please contact us at for more information or to make an appointment to see the show past the opening.




Sneaky Creeps Tour Kick off show
Maybe outside
DEFINITELY Free beer from Tall Grass Brewery




Transmogrify Print Portfolio Exchange

Transmogrify Print Portfolio Exchange

Take a look at new a DIY brainchild that is in need of funding!  TPPE 2013 is based out of Cincinnati, and is being spearheaded by Tiger Lilly Presses’ artist in residence Jack Arthur Wood Jr. The Transmogrify team has been putting in hard work and sleepless nights to bring about a dialogue between both heavy hitters and lesser knowns in the world of relief printmaking. The final goal is to bring an epic experiment in relief printmaking to the public. The artists they’ve selected are diverse in age, degrees of establishment, gender, and aesthetics. The Transmogrify team is headed to Printbangerz 2 at Tom Huck’s Evil Prints in St. Louis this coming August alongside resident artist Stephanie Bloss. The Transmogrify team digs The Roost, and is all about keeping DIY efforts alive! Stay hip to their page for more information!


FugueState AnnouncementFinal

FUGUE STATE is a solo exhibition by Timothy Amundson of large-scale photographs, projection, sound installation, and a collaborative performance. The opening will be held at the Roost Gallery on April 12th 2013.

The term fugue state is defined as a dissociative amnesia, especially one that involves unplanned wandering.  Amundson expresses that “nothing is actually constant, nothing has been created.”  His work is a variant from the representational nature of photography and explores heightened experience, where the unknown is corroborated with references to the everyday.  The photographs are immersive and utilize light in ways that question traditional norms of photography. Through this approach there is as much a sense of levity as there is meditational weight. In collaboration with dancer Jane Gotch the more cerebral elements of the images can be explored through the body.

In the age of social media, imagery is often grazed over with an urgency that emphasizes the surface value of the subject matter.  Less attention is paid to energy and composition than the photograph’s reportage of what was happening and who was there.  Amundson’s images utilize the medium in an entirely different context, one in which light has become the fore-bearer, the object of the gaze, and not an active descriptor of the subject but the subject itself.

Opening April 12th 6-10pm

Artist Talk April 13th 1-3pm


Some friends that moved out to St. Louis began renovating an old bank and converted it into an art space.  Their first exhibition opens tonight!  You can find more information at their website here.

3420 Iowa, Saint Louis, Missouri 63118


Solar Deity


SunGod by Adam McBride. Wheat paste and tone on metal.

Stephanie Bloss : New Work

Resident Artist Stephanie Bloss has been hard at work on new paintings and prints for her upcoming solo exhibition scheduled for Fall 2013. In the meantime, you can see her work on display at The Bulldog in the Crossroads, as well as a spot in the upcoming Lovely Skateboard Art Exhibition at Union Press, opening Saturday, May 11th. You can also check out various music reviews written by Stephanie on TheDeliKC music blog. Stephanie was also recently featured on an episode of KCLive! for their art segment, where she talks about The Roost and creates work for a local charity. You can check out the video here.

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