Santa Fe

South eastern view from the 7th story of the new Roost gallery.

The Roost has moved folks…and the new place is huge. We’ve got a killer view of the 12th Street Bridge and two floors to ourselves. We are now located just east of our original space. The new address is 1100 Sante Fe, KCMO 64101. The gallery space is slowly coming together due to maintenance issues and old tenants with way too much junk, but we’ve got some fresh ideas for upcoming events.

If you’d like to be considered for upcoming shows, send us samples of your work, artist statement, and contact information to the We’re always supporting locals and would love to expand our reach throughout the community…So tell your friends folks and spread the word. We’re currently brainstorming with local bands about new ideas for multimedia shows and alternative events that will be sure to get your grandma to strap on her party boots and shotgun PBR’s.

We’ve also got some more photos of the new space coming soon, so stay tuned folks. We’re very close to being ready. We love you and value you patience. Stay crunchy!

Interior view of an empty loft right below us.



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