FugueState AnnouncementFinal

FUGUE STATE is a solo exhibition by Timothy Amundson of large-scale photographs, projection, sound installation, and a collaborative performance. The opening will be held at the Roost Gallery on April 12th 2013.

The term fugue state is defined as a dissociative amnesia, especially one that involves unplanned wandering.  Amundson expresses that “nothing is actually constant, nothing has been created.”  His work is a variant from the representational nature of photography and explores heightened experience, where the unknown is corroborated with references to the everyday.  The photographs are immersive and utilize light in ways that question traditional norms of photography. Through this approach there is as much a sense of levity as there is meditational weight. In collaboration with dancer Jane Gotch the more cerebral elements of the images can be explored through the body.

In the age of social media, imagery is often grazed over with an urgency that emphasizes the surface value of the subject matter.  Less attention is paid to energy and composition than the photograph’s reportage of what was happening and who was there.  Amundson’s images utilize the medium in an entirely different context, one in which light has become the fore-bearer, the object of the gaze, and not an active descriptor of the subject but the subject itself.



Opening April 12th 6-10pm

Artist Talk April 13th 1-3pm


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