RE: Photography

a collection of photographs regarding, concerning, about or around photography.

Re: Photography is a group exhibition featuring the thesis work of Alex Eckard, Leon Jones and Max Wagner. The exhibition consists of a diverse range of photographs that, in some way, speak to the medium of photography. The work varies from landscape to conceptual to the abstract and brings together three bodies of work that independently explore aspects of the medium in which they were created.

Alex Eckard is a photographer working and living in the Kansas City area. His process involves shooting a DSLR through a large format view camera, providing views that are typically reserved for the photographer. With an emphasis on architecture, the images are the result of a series of explorations in and across Missouri. The quiet views are Alex’s way of showing what he has seen; the way he has seen it.

Leon Jones is a visual based artist using photography to ask visual questions. His work is an outlet for an incessant search for understanding about life, people and nature – and their relationship to one another. Leon’s current work seeks to provide reckoning through familiarity and personal connection. He states, “This is not fully representative of who I am, but more of an excerpt from my recent thoughts; a by product of understanding and awareness.”

Max Wagner uses photographic and technology based imaging processes to create work that has been described as thought provoking, multi-layered, and sensuous. His recent work focuses on direct experience, deep looking and emergent meanings within photographs.

Alex Eckard, Leon Jones and Max Wagner will graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography from Kansas City Art Institute in the spring of 2013.

There will be an artist talk the following day on May 4th from 1-3pm, and the work will be up from the 3rd-10th.

Please contact us at for more information or to make an appointment to see the show past the opening.


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